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Enterprise Architecture; Data Architecture; Cloud Computing; Advanced Analytics; Artificial Intelligence; FMV; Algorithm Development Biometrics; Multilevel Security; Architecture & Interoperability Assessments.

At MHM Innovations, we provide trained, technical, and professional Enterprise Architects who assist in the design of information technology architecture enabling the efficient and effective acquisition of hardware, software and services utilized by our DoD and Intelligence Community (IC) partners in missions supporting the Warfighters.

MHM Enterprise Architecture Analysis fosters an agile approach to architecture development and analysis to ensure that the needs of our partner stakeholders are understood and anticipated, and to support project teams in their development efforts. At MHM, we strive to develop enterprise architecture models that serve as a communication bridge between senior partner stakeholders and senior IT professionals.

MHM Enterprise Architectural competency closely follows DoD’s IT Enterprise Strategy and Roadmap and the guidance provided by the Joint Architecture Working Group (IC Federated Enterprise Architecture) with focus on two primary goals: 1) Making DoD/IC more secure against cyber-attacks; and 2) Reducing cost while improving the agility of its information technology and networks.

Our current efforts supporting DoD and IC mission partners emphasizes the use of enterprise architecture to enforce constraints and consequently evaluate emerging capabilities and technologies prior to integration into the enterprise. The MHM Team currently collaborates with organizations across DoD and the IC to architect the next generation of enterprise architecture solutions focused on the processing and sharing of intelligence data.


Proven Benefits of MHM Approach to Enterprise Architecture:

Our role in enterprise architecture is one that defines standards to how a given technology, application, or service interacts within the enterprise. This process encourages and produces the following benefits to our customer:

  • Reduction in overall system complexity;

  • Reduces cost in developing and managing the enterprise;

  • Remove service and data redundancy within the enterprise;

  • Improve the efficiency of data sharing and system interoperability across the enterprise;

  • Provision of a scalable and highly available/reliable and secure enterprise environment.


Enterprise Architecture Key Technologies Addressed:

  • Implementation of Cloud computing architecture to leverage massive increases in information correlation technologies, to enable “precision search” over very large data stores with trillions of entries, providing relevant information at Internet speed.

  • Cross Domain dissemination of intelligence products.

  • Incorporation of Advanced Analytics that seamlessly interacts with multiple data sets to include both structured, and unstructured (text, imagery, audio, and video) to include: 

    • Natural Language Processing

    • Imagery Analysis

    • Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED).

  • Application of Advanced Analytics on "big data" at web scale.

  • Maximum use of virtual architecture enabled through Cloud computing to drive reduction in physical infrastructure and adaptability within the enterprise.

Cloud Technologies:

MHM is partnered with our government sponsors to develop Cloud-based information technology (IT) infrastructures that address the needs of intelligence analysts today and tomorrow.  Our Cloud technology experience includes the deployment and orchestration of Data Storage, Content/Entity relationship mapping, and Analytical Services.


Our focus of effort and expertise includes the deployment of Cloud-Enabled Advanced Analytics which facilitates automated entity extraction and resolution (entities with context) vice manual relationship mapping from individual data sources.  Our experience in Cloud-based IT infrastructures greatly reduce Operations & Sustainment (O&S) costs. We focus on lowering overall cost per processing power through Cloud clusters and server virtualization to reduce physical hardware infrastructure and improve fault tolerance via dynamic redistribution of computing assets.


Overall, MHM maintains expertise in the efficient physical design of Cloud Technologies and the deployment of advanced analytics/capabilities that these technologies support.

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