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Systems Engineering & Integration | Software Engineering

MHM’s team has extensive experience in systems engineering and has crafted and implemented proven Systems Engineering Methods (SEM) to guide contractor supported engineering efforts as required. Our SEMs encourage standardized and practical disciplines to be used throughout each phase of the Systems Engineering Lifecycle (SELC) and complement each phase of the Project Lifecycle (PLC) based on years of practical experience.


All SEMs are continually reconciled with defense and industry established best practices. The key systems engineering process areas adopted by the MHM team complement and are continually derived from the Defense Acquisition Guidebook (DAG), International Council of Systems Engineers (INCOSE), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). These key process areas include: Planning, Assessment, Control, Decision-making, Risk Management, Configuration Management, and Information Management.

Systems Engineering and Integration:

  • Provide comprehensive, cost-effective support and expertise in technology and business operations for system engineering solution development.

  • Develop, design, build, test and manage systems and solutions to meet mission objectives. Our engineering services address a range of issues common to most system life-cycles, from determining mission needs, to development, fielding, and operational support.

  • Offer systems engineering, integration and performance analysis services that focus on the needs of analysts throughout the intelligence community. By focusing on our customers’ needs, we are able to provide solutions to even their most complex challenges.

  • Ensure flexible and efficient change management to support a comprehensive approach to handling system changes.

  • Ensure secure, certified approaches to system configurations in support of Information Assurance needs including Configuration Management, System Maintenance, Access Control, Identification and Authentication, Contingency Planning, COOP and Disaster Recovery.


Software Engineering:

Provide comprehensive and cost-effective expertise in software engineering. For example, we have provided software development and integration services for DoD and the US Intelligence Community, including data integration, enterprise architecture development, advanced analytics integration, multi-level security, and Cloud-based IT infrastructure development.


Systems Engineering & Technical Assistance:

MHM understands through experience that Automated Information System (AIS) or infrastructure system projects vary in scope and diversity from simple to complex, from the installation of a COTS application software package to the development of a new AIS or infrastructure system.

As a result, our role as systems engineering and technical assistance Subject Matter Experts is performed at all stages of the IT Lifecycle Management process.

Our team focuses on designing solutions to complex and dynamic problems (e.g. Cross Domain Solutions/Multi-Level Security, Cloud Technologies, and Advanced Analytics) that are efficiently integrated across a customer’s enterprise.

Our expertise includes:

  • Coordinating development of Concept of Operations

  • Gathering and analyzing requirements

  • System and enterprise design

  • Facilitating Technical Exchange Meetings (TEM)

  • Coordinating Agile Scrum iterations

  • Establishing and facilitating a testing environment (Integration & System Verification and Validation)

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