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MHM has provided experienced technical CYBER Subject Mater Experts (SME’s), to include: former Executive Officers to the Army Chief Information Officer (CIO), former leaders at all echelons within the Cyber Mission Force (CMF) overseeing Cyber operations, Information Operations, Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence (SIGINT), and multiple personnel credentialed as Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), Cisco Certified Network Associates (CCNA) and Certified Ethical Hackers (CEH). Our Cyber SME’s are experienced in articulating and assisting in the development of Cyber Tool and Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs) requirements, Developmental and Operational Infrastructures, and maintain a strong network with Industry, Academia, DoD, and IC stakeholders to ensure our clients remain intertwined with U.S. Government (DoD and IC) and private sector best practices, lessons learned and capabilities. Multiple MHM led cyber projects have been so successful that they have led to a doctrine, organization, training, materiel, leadership and education, personnel, facilities and policy (DOTMLPF-P) assessment to establish an enduring capability.


Full Spectrum Cyber Operations

Offensive Cyber Tool Development:

No intelligence discipline has witnessed the explosive growth in tools, TTP, threats and adversary capabilities over the last fifteen years more so than has the Cyberspace domain. Further, the current DoD acquisition process continues to struggle to deliver cyber capabilities commensurate with the dynamic nature of the cyberspace domain and the institutional and operational military is required to adapt to meet the rapidly evolving cyber warfare environment. MHM supports developing, tailoring and integrating of application-based cyber capabilities in support of Army and Joint requirements process for rapid capability development and requirements for future force structure to transition to an enduring capability. From concept of operations development to daily consulting expertise, MHM supports a repeatable process to rapidly field offensive cyber tools. Additionally, MHM has direct test and evaluation (T&E) expertise of Offensive Cyber tools and computer network exploits (formerly CNE and CNA) to be deployed in support of operational cyber forces.


Defensive Cyber Operations:  

Cyberspace poses an existential threat to our national defense. A series of high-profile security breaches of US Government and commercial information networks over the past several years have highlighted the dangers posed by determined threat actors in cyberspace.  For the first time in history, non-nation state actors and adversaries once considered obscure, are capable of employing the same effects as peer / near-peer nations presenting unique concerns to the United States and our allies. In fact, the Defense Science Board (DSB) Task Force on Cyber Deterrence concluded in 2017 that cyber capabilities of other nations exceed U.S. ability to defend systems, and argued that this will continue to be the case for at least another five to 10 years. With this in mind, a strategic approach that deters potential foes while defending Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR) is necessary to maintain freedom of maneuver in the cyberspace domain. MHM has direct, proven, successful experience leading a concept of operations to deliver improved actionable intelligence to better defend the Department of Defense Information Network (DODIN), a critical war-fighting platform, and assure Mission Command.

Cyber Acquisition Support:

MHM provides engineering technical assistance support to advise and assist on all facets of the acquisition of emerging war-fighter cyber technologies. From identification of a cyber requirement, technical assessment of cyber technologies to Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) development, MHM is facilitating its clients' efforts to develop and deploy bleeding edge technology and supporting the 21st century war-fighter.

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