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Customer Focus

 Common issues confronting our customers

In today's environment, everyone is being tasked to do more with less. As budgets are examined, each agency is required to focus efforts on cutting costs, eliminating redundancy and better aligning capabilities. At the same time, the expectation and demand for maintaining or even increasing support still remains. Regardless of appropriations, the protection of the Warfighter and the American people cannot be compromised.

Decrease your IT footprint and reduce continuing costs:


  • Cloud Technology: Our experience in Cloud-based IT infrastructures greatly reduces Operations & Sustainment (O&S) costs. We focus on lowering overall cost per processing power through Cloud clusters and server virtualization to reduce physical hardware infrastructure and improve fault tolerance via dynamic redistribution of computing assets.

  • Cross Domain Solutions: Our expertise is in the design and deployment of a software-based solution that provides a single multi-level security database which properly receives and stores data and allows secure access of the data with PL4 protection. The objective is the deployment of solutions that minimize the requirement for multiple systems and integrates the analytical function and data availability on only one physical database system.

Maintain/increase output with decreased manpower:

MHM has extensive expertise in providing a wide range of program management activities including planning and strategic support spanning the full management lifecycle. This custom programmatic support which is tailored to each client's unique situation ensures the delivery and management of a highly efficient environment which produces a superior quality product.

Increase your cyber security capability:

  • The objective: Utilize the latest cutting-edge technology to increase operational capabilities.

  • The problem: New technology introduces increased risks in vulnerability.

  • The solution: MHM maintains Information Assurance and Configuration Management expertise in both full system accreditation and certification in a prototyping/software integration laboratory environment. Our staff includes multiple former Defense Intelligence Agency certifiers who fully understand the requirements for cyber security in a rapid technology insertion environment.

Reduce redundancy and better align capabilities:

MHM has focused on assisting our clients in prioritizing way-ahead initiatives, development and integration efforts to eliminate redundancy and align capabilities for an improved solution. MHM's "Total Solution Consulting" allows for focused success by taking advantage of our past experience in cross program consulting and our in depth understanding of the importance of effectively managing across all aspects of a program from: Architecture to Information Assurance to Configuration Management to Project Planning.

Utilize technology to increase output while decreasing input requirements:

MHM is a leader is Technology Insertion by discovering new and emerging technologies that will enhance collection, analysis and dissemination. MHM has led the development of flexible structures for hardware and software that: 1) operate on secure networks, 2) simplify the distribution of data across the networks, 3) provide faster access to data, 4) incorporate advanced analytical processes and 5) provide for redundancy of data and information throughout the system.

Obtain an Authority to Operate (ATO) for system in dynamic agile 

technical environment:

MHM understands that certifying a constantly moving target presents numerous challenges. Certification requirements, documentation and testing methods are normally based on a stable system targeted for operation. In response to this challenging environment, MHM developed a concept of a process certification where we certify the processes and methods used to add, remove or alter any part of the system rather than solely certify the end state of the equipment and software. This approach leads to a secure agile environment that can safely take advantage of technology advances.

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